Upload your shop in 10 steps

Step 1:

Upload the background image of your store. Make sure it is rectangular (optimal size: 1080x500px). Tip: you can also upload multiple images. These will then be displayed one after the other in a time interval.

Click here to upload an image
Step 2:

Upload the logo of your store. Make sure that it is square (optimal size: 300x300px).

Step 3:

List the name of your store.

Step 4:

Link to any other channels you may have. Click on an icon to enter the data.

Step 5:

Which product categories do you offer? Choose up to 3 from the list here.

Here you can define a few settings regarding your products to make the product upload easier:

Reservable at most for
Step 6:

Give a description of your store. Explain what products buyers can find here and also write about yourself and why you opened this store - what is your passion, your vision?


Step 7:

Enter the address of your store:

Step 8:

Specify the opening hours of your store:

Step 9:

Want to set up payments to sell your products through Obolify?

Step 10:

Enter your imprint here:

Since you want to sell products through Obolify, we also need your shipping conditions, cancellation policy and T&Cs. Tip: feel free to use our template here or create them quickly via links to third-party templates.