iPhone with screenshot of the Obolify app

Fashion locally online 

Our cities are full of beautiful, small stores that hold unexpected treasures. We are Obolify and our vision is to give everyone access to these local treasures.

Through our platform, users can explore stores near them online and via app no matter where they are. And small stores can easily present themselves and their products and thus stand up to big competitors.

iPhone with screenshot of the Obolify app

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For shops

Shop owner standing behind a checkout

With Obolify you can easily present and sell all your products online. With just a few clicks, your photo and description are online and you can reach shoppers you haven't reached before.

  • fast and easy in 1 hour
  • present your products in your store and online
  • benefit from the combined strength of the platform

For buyers

Woman browsing through clothes

With Obolify you can quickly and easily find small treasures in your area, reserve them or order them directly online. Products you order at Obolify are not shipped from China, but from the store around the corner.

  • personal and local
  • insight into the offers from your current environment
  • secure shopping
  • no long waiting: you can also reserve your favorite item and pick it up immediately