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To do this, you need to create a Dispute - go to "My Profile" > "My Orders" and select the appropriate order. Then scroll to the bottom and click on "Disputes". Here you can enter why you would like to have the product refunded or not paid for, and then you can consult with the seller if there is any uncertainty. If you agree and mark the Dispute as closed, your payment will be cancelled or refunded.

For buyers, the use of Obolify is completely free of charge! Merchants pay a basic fee for using the platform plus 5% transaction fees for services that already include the use of payment methods. We offer you the following services, which you can book flexibly on a monthly basis: Online Purchase, Reservation, Click & Collect and Rental. For each of these services a 5% gross transaction fee is charged in the amount of the respective shopping cart value. Example: a shopper buys a dress from you for 80€ and picks it up via Click & Collect. For the mediation, a gross transaction fee of 4€ is charged. Further costs for the means of payment such as credit cards or Paypal are not incurred. You can find a transparent overview at obolify.de/about-seller.

The merchants receive an order confirmation via email and then ship the product. Obolify only mediates between local merchants and buyers.

We appreciate your interest and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please leave us a message below or send an email to [email protected]. We can arrange a phone call or an online meeting to answer all your questions.

We are sorry to hear that you are having technical problems! Please leave us a message below or send a short email to [email protected]. We would appreciate if you attach screenshots of your issues to your mail - they can help us solve the problem faster. We will help you immediately!

That is no problem at all. On the contrary! We want to offer our dealers maximum flexibility. Additional services - online purchase, click & collect, reservations and rentals - are optional and can be booked individually and flexibly on a monthly basis. Simply go to 'My Shop' -> 'Edit Shop' and select whether you want to offer reservations in general or only for individual products, for example.

Buyers order and pay for products through Obolify. They have a wide choice, from Paypal to the most popular credit card providers. Merchants create a Paypal and Stripe account during registration or use their existing accounts.

The payment to the Stripe account is made immediately.

Of course. We want to build an online platform for local offers of any kind. You are welcome to register.

We are targeting small, local retailers who sell physical products of any kind, be it a pretty dress or an Allen key. Whether you have a physical store or not is not relevant. We know the rental prices in Munich :)

Your location is not permanently stored by us. When you search through our products, your browser will ask you if your current location can be used. If you agree, your location data will be used temporarily to show you how far the respective products are from your current location.

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