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As a buyer, Obolify is completely free to use! When you want to sell something on Obolify, you can choose between the Basic and the Pro Level, where the Pro Level gives you more features for your shop and its products. For more information about our pricing, please visit our Docs or contact us.

No, we never store your location when you use our website or app. It is only collected locally on your device and used to provide some features like local limited availability of products.

To do this, you need to create a Dispute - go to "My Profile" > "My Orders" and select the appropriate order. Then scroll to the bottom and click on "Disputes". Here you can enter why you would like to have the product refunded or not paid for, and then you can consult with the seller if there is any uncertainty. If you agree and mark the Dispute as closed, your payment will be cancelled or refunded.

Yes, your account will be debited automatically and you don't have to do anything else. However, you can still create a dispute and request a refund if a problem occurs. This way we provide maximum security for buyers and sellers.

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