We are Obolify.

Petra and Magnus

The team behind Obolify are Magnus Singer and Petra Gruber from Munich. Through our own experience, we have always found that although there are great products in many stores in the immediate vicinity, it is very time-consuming to search all these stores for a desired product. It is time consuming, tedious and you cannot be sure to find a suitable product. As a result, you quickly end up on the relevant online platforms that show all the options at a glance.

At the same time, it is a challenge for many small store owners to present themselves online and thus attract customers. Many lack the time or knowledge to create their own online store and promote it with various marketing tactics.

Obolify is an online marketplace platform that connects the online and offline world. Our mission is to showcase all the stores in a city and their products on our platform, so that users know what treasures are right around them and local stores are supported. We want to make the individual, small stores strong together.

The name Obolify comes from the Greek word obolus, a small, silver coin. In ancient Rome, this was a small amount of money that merchants paid to the city government as a stall fee. The amount was so small that many local merchants were able to accumulate and thus a thriving market developed.