Simply reserved.

Want to try out the garment first to see if it suits you, but want to be sure your favorite item is in your size when you visit the store?

No problem. Your dealer will gladly return the piece of clothing or jewelry to you.

That's how:

Step 1
1. Find favorite product

If you have found your favorite part, you will find the button 'Reserve now' below.

Step 2
2. choose date of reservation

Here you can choose when you want to reserve the garment. Note that the reservation time must fall within the opening hours of the store and you can only reserve the product for a few days in advance.

Step 3
3. pickup reservation

As soon as you have clicked on 'Send', the dealer will be informed about your reservation request. Note that the dealer must first confirm the reservation and then you will see the reservation on the home page and can pick it up at the specified time.

Frequent questions:

What happens if I can't come by on the agreed date after all?

You will receive a reminder email in the morning of the day for which you have reserved. If you want to postpone or cancel the reservation, just click on the link in the mail. Please let us know in any case, because the dealer will reserve the product especially for you.

Why do the days differ how far in advance I can book?

The dealer can decide how long in advance a product can be reserved. Mostly this depends on the number of identical products, how flexible the dealer can be with the reservation time.

Are there any reservation fees?

No, your dealer will gladly make the reservation for you free of charge.

I can't book for the day I want, what am I doing wrong?

You are probably a bit too early. The retailer usually gives only a few days as the reservation period, e.g. 4 days. So if you want to reserve a garment on Sunday for next Saturday, that's more than 4 days. So reserve the product a little later.


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