Simply rented.

You love variety and enjoy discovering yourself in new looks again and again? Or you want to rent a certain piece of clothing or jewelry for a special event?

No problem. Your dealer can decide individually whether a product can be rented and for how long.

That's how:

Step 1
1. Find favorite product

If you have found your favorite part, you can find the rental conditions here. Click on Buy.

Step 2
2. Choose rental period and shipping method

Here you can choose how long you want to rent your favorite part. Depending on the dealer, the options vary and can range from a few days to a few weeks. Also specify whether you can pick it up or prefer to have it delivered.

Step 3
3. Enter personal info

In the last one you just give some few information like address and pay the first rent - done!

Frequent questions:

Is the shipment insured?

Yes, all products are shipped via insured shipping.

What happens if I lose the borrowed product?

If you lose the product, you will be charged a fee equal to the new price of the product minus the amount you paid. That is, if you have rented a chain with a new price of 200€ for 2 weeks of 20€ each, you will be charged 160€.

Will the return shipping cost me?

No, the return shipping is free of charge for you.

What happens if I return the product too late?

You have up to 14 days to return the product, and we will also send you reminders via email during this time. However, if you have not returned the product to the retailer within 14 days, the product will be treated as lost.

Do I need to clean the product?

No, the cleaning is done by the seller.

What if the end of the rental period falls on a Sunday or holiday?

Lucky for you ;) You can return the product the next business day.

What if I do not like or fit the rented product?

Create a dispute in the order overview and clarify all details with the seller. After that you both have to set the status of the dispute to 'Closed' and you have to return the product. No further payments will be made and the rental will be treated as closed.


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