Platforms and network effects

What's a platform?

Obolify is a platform, more precisely a marketplace platform. These connect a large number of sellers with a large number of buyers in the online world. Other popular examples of such marketplace platforms are Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Otto and Zalando. All of these companies bring supply and demand together on an app, website, or both.

Network effects of the platform

The power of a platform - from which you as a merchant can also profit - is mainly based on network effects. The more merchants join Obolify, the more users are attracted. In turn, merchants will join in order to benefit from the large customer base and constantly expand the offer, which in turn attracts more users.

Network effects of Obolify:

Network effect

Advantages of being part of a platform as a dealer

Being a merchant member of Obolify offers many benefits. With your membership at Obolify you benefit from a variety of advantages, namely:

  1. the Obolify marketing activities that can attract customers to your products in addition to your storefront advertisement
  2. Access to a much larger target group that you may have had little opportunity to reach in the past
  3. additional sales channels besides your retail store
  4. the possibility to increase your popularity
  5. a cheap alternative for the online presence of your store and your products
  6. Data that can give you information about the desirability of your products